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Police operations and violent relocations to Preševo

As it has been already stated, violence, repression and persecution has been growing since the squatted barracks got evicted and demolished on May 11th.  Before the elections the serbian police was more reserved but now using violence openly. In the last two weeks there has been three physically violent police operations, forcing people to be taken to the infamous Preševo closed “camp” near Macedonia. Although is it presented as a reception center, the unspoken reality is that of a detention camp. The approx.  1000 people imprisoned there are not allowed to go in or out, except for a very restricted special permission, and the only way to leave the camp is to be pushed-back illegaly to Macedonia, which happens regularly.

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We will struggle for every moment of freedom

„My name is Asa, it has been 11 months now that I am passing these hardest days of my traveling.  I am a refugee from Afghanistan. As we know freedom is the right of every breathing being. Right now i am in Belgrade, Serbia, i came here to save my life an be a real servant for human kind but today we are facing a lot of problems by the orders of the governments. They destroyed the place * where more than thousands of refugees passed their nights during their journey and then they send us to camps. But „camp“ is only a name, in fact it is like jail, they dont let us to move freely . Even for shopping. Even the bus drivers dont want to take us.

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ARD: Tod auf der Balkanroute – Ein Vater und ein Grab in Südserbien (+ Audio)

Etwa eine Million Menschen passierten auf ihrer Flucht vor Krieg und Elend im Nah- und Mittleren Osten meine Heimat Serbien. Wegen der Lage vor den Toren der EU ist diese für die meisten so etwas wie ein „Sprungbrett“ für den letzten und entscheidenden Schritt – die legale oder illegale Überquerung der ungarischen oder kroatischen Grenze. Nicht alle schafften aber diesen Weg in die bessere Zukunft, das Schicksal wollte es einfach nicht. Sie ertranken nicht zu Hunderten und Tausenden, so wie im Mittelmeer, aber sie starben auch und das in unserer unmittelbaren Nähe. Gerade deswegen möchten wir, vom ARD-Team Südosteuropa, diesen Opfern des Schicksals ein Gesicht geben und ihre Geschichte erzählen.

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Migrants can no longer stay in central Belgrade

The reception center for migrants in Sid, northwestern Serbia, is closing, while migrants currently staying in downtown Belgrade will soon be relocated. Ministry of Labor, Social and Veteran Affairs State Secretary Nenad Ivanisevic announced this, noting that the Commissariat for Refugees has drawn up plans to transfer migrants from central areas of the capital to reception centers, and that they will work with NGOs to explain that “they can no longer stay there, that it makes no sense.”

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Serbia Moves Refugees From Sid Following Campaign

After locals in the Serbian border town of Sid complained of threats to their safety, authorities are removing refugees from a centre located near the town’s train station. At least 60 refugees will be transported this week out of a centre in Sid, near the Croatian border, after locals petitioned for their removal, complaining that they were a safety risk.Hundreds of refugees have been already transported from the centre, Serbia’s State Commissioner for Refugees, Vladimir Cucic told BIRN.