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Violence — Monitoring Pushbacks on the Balkan Route

In 2019, The Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN) shared the voices of thousands of people pushed back from borders on the Balkan Route. Each tells their own tale of illegal, and regularly violent, police actions. Each represents a person denied their fundamental rights, eyewitnesses to EU led reborderization. This article shares just some of the more startling trends which define border management on the eve of 2020, such as the denial of asylum rights, systemic firearms use, water immersion, and dog attacks.

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‘Blood on the ground’ at Croatia’s borders as brutal policing persists

In a room in the intensive therapy unit of a hospital in the port city of Rijeka, Croatia, Farouk fights for his life. The 18-year-old Afghan has life-threatening injuries to his thorax and abdomen. On 16 November, in the woods around Tuhobić, a Croatian police officer shot Farouk – who, with dozens of other migrants, was attempting to cross the border with Slovenia.

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In Kroatien wurden zwei nigerianische Studenten, die bei einem Wettbewerb in Pula teilnahmen, während ihrem Besuch der kroatischen Hauptstadt Zagreb, von Polizisten verhaftet und nach Bosnien abgeschoben. Beide hatten gültige Visa für Kroatien.

AYS Special: A large-scale police operation sweeps refugee squats in Northern Serbia

The largest eviction of people was carried out at the settlement in the former Grafosrem industrial facility, but was accompanied by the clearance of multiple other smaller squats throughout the city of Šid / The Deputy Head of the Municipality of Šid, Mr Zoran Semenović was also in attendance, declaring the abandoned factory site to be his property, loudly insulting NNK volunteers that were present and — together with police — removing these witnesses from the area

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